Rest week planner in Systm

Hello, the training plan builder is fantastic, but I haven’t seen one to build a rest week. Is this correct? If so, it will be nice to have this possibility in the future.

The structured plans already include rest weeks?

It is, but I want to do couple badges from “One Week With”, so if there’s a way to build one week as a rest week, that would be awesome. I know there is possibility to make it manually, but I’m asking just in case this functionality is already available.

@henindhi That is a good idea and no that doesn’t exist. You could certainly build one manually. Also you could build off of one of the existing plans but you need to add the plan on the day that you are going to start the rest week.

Pick a plan with a rest week (at the end of the plan) and then add the plan but select end date versus start date when adding the plan to the calendar.

Below is an example of what I am proposing using one of the building block plans:

Ah right, this is one way to do it. Thanks! I would still propose this feature in the Systm if possible. Could also be useful to create a program for holiday and such, where you can have light program where you can choose what type of activities you want to be added (only cycling or with yoga, strength, mental program). The idea is that we could still remember our suffering during the holiday :innocent:

@henindhi Agreed - there are transition up and down programs but they are longer than a week so probably don’t fit what you are suggesting.

Tagging @Rupert.H so that this is on his radar. The suggestion is being able to add a pre-programmed rest week plan to use as a break between AWW series.

Got it, will add to the list :+1: