Polar H10 drop

Did Extra Shot after a threshold block session. That session successfully uploaded to Strava while Extra Shot did not. Although I have Extra Shot saved on my iPad, I had to restart two times due to a “video“.

Also I noticed during the ride that HR was not showing properly (46 bpm no way possible). I had to pause, stop recording HR, take the Polar H10 off, then reconnect.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with Polar H10? I’ve given up on trying to upload my activity to Strava.


Have you tried a new battery? Also, how old is the strap (not the H10 device - the actual strap)? My H10 has acted strangely with both low battery and aging straps.

Same here, I experienced this with low battery. My strap is still fine so haven’t experienced any problems with it. Something to remember is to completely remove the sensor pod from the strap or else it can continue to drain power, resulting in you going “I just put a battery in this!” when in reality it is actually low.


I’ve also put in 2 new batteries (bought a pack of 20 on amazon) and continued to have weird behaviour… thought to myself, let’s try a 3rd, before writing off the H10 and bam… worked fine. So, “new” batteries are sometimes not so new.

Just got it a month ago after a year of frustration with the Tickr or should I say Tickrs.

After each use I disconnect the pod. Just got the strap and pod a month ago.

Based on all the responses seems like it could be a low battery issue. Although just recently received (a month) who knows how long the pod/battery was on the shelf. I’ll see what happens tomorrow. Thanks for the reply.

My H10 is 3ish years old. I use it 6 - 7 days a week and it’s still works fine, other than replacing the strap after about 18 months. My 2nd strap, also about 18 months old, is still working. Batteries seem to be the only thing that “regularly” need to be replaced (every couple months).

I started getting the super-low heartrate issue with my H10 a couple of months ago, at first occasional then constant. Battery was new. The strap is rinsed after each use, looked like new, and was only about a year old, but switching to the lower-end strap that came with a Polar H9 made the issue go away, as did replacing the strap. I got the actual Polar replacement rather than an off-brand compatible because of this apparent sensitivity.

And I always disconnect one snap of the monitor from the belt, otherwise Polar HRMs eat batteries.

Did the H10 properly connect and record during the first workout (threshold block session), and only experience connection issues during the second (Extra Shot)?

I and a number of others have repeatedly experienced issues with SYSTM disconnecting heart rate monitors in between sessions (restarting a workout or finishing a workout and starting a new workout) and being unable to reconnect without multiple troubleshooting steps that only sometimes randomly work less than half the time. In my case, this occurs with SYSTM on the iPad with both H9 and H10, and has continued to happen both when they are new and when they a year or two old, and near full battery capacity.

I genuinely think the problem is just that the SYSTM code handling Bluetooth connections is pretty flaky and has not been appropriately updated, as I have never experienced this issue in any of the other five or six cycling apps I’ve used on my iPad (including RGT!).

For example:

The low reported heartrate bug for me was with the HRM strap itself, I dual-record my workouts using a Garmin 840 and ant+, and also observed the low rate there. My watch HRM gave a normal reading at the same time. It was the strap. Although SYSTM does have BLE issues…

@CraigM I do the same but I noted in DC Rainmakers recent long term review of the H10 that he never disconnects. It hasn’t changed my approach but I found that interesting based on my own experience with the sensor.

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I’ve had both issues with a different branded HRM. The solution to the strap problem was to throw it in to a mesh bag and wash it with my kit. As to the battery issue, if I leave it connected, the HRM transmitter picks up background electrical noise and tries to interpret it as a heart rate. Disconnect it from the strap and it shuts down in minutes. Leave it connected and it’s still on hours later.


I went through 5x h10 before giving up and getting a full refund.

Short version - They don’t work if you sweat. I got the h10 because some interesting cardiac stuff that others don’t pick up but not working at all was a showstopper.

Ended up getting the new wahoo sensor that’s worked well, although the offline tracking and / or tracking via iPhone app still a bit hit / miss.

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Interesting. I went to the H10 because I went through 3 TICKRs in less than a year before giving up. Since this post, the H10 has worked fine. One responder said it could be a SYSYM problem with the second session in a back to back (BLE issues). I haven’t done a back to back since to test the theory.

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I’m a sweater and mine hasn’t missed a beat! in 2+ years. Even the buckle/catch on mine is thick with white salt :face_vomiting:

One thing, I shave a line across my chest where it sits, and i think it helps. Looks a bit odd lying at the pool on holidays though.


It’s interesting how different the experiences people have with various heart rate monitors can be. Seems like some combination of QA/QC, individual physiology, and the ever-present various gremlins.

For me, the H9/H10 have worked great (SYSTM’s own BLE errors disconnecting between workouts excepted), both with and without sweat (and I’m a heavy sweater and can quickly build up white salt lines on the strap without regular washing), but the optical Scosche Rhythm24 I tried was quite inaccurate, and the HRV values (which it only measures when at rest) were extremely inaccurate.

Very interesting. So many variables. So far for me the H10 is a gem. After my experience with the other HRM, I now disconnect and wash after every session. And since we are sharing information here, I am a heavy sweater.

Cheers & Happy Holidays to all. And here’s to hoping we don’t pick up too much extra baggage during this season.

Mine were flaking out for both my wife and I (which is why I bought 2x), on both wahoo bolt, systm (ant) and kubios hr to measure variance (bt). Basically it would work at first… Then… Not. Reporting that my hr was 48 during vo2 intervals and crazy stuff like that. Maybe it was a dud batch… Ended up doing some tests using my apple watch, polar h10 and wahoo to track. Apple and wahoo were very close, polar was so far out it was ridiculous. Like just imaginary numbers that clearly had no bearing to reality.

Went through 5x before running out of patience and just getting a refund. To their credit polar did a full refund. I’ve tried garmin and other polar in the past, and have always had pretty similar numbers. So maybe it was just a dud batch.

I’m happy with my new wahoo x so won’t explore again until it dies. Do wish the offline was better with it though. And new wahoo app keeps crashing after 1 hour :frowning:

You should file a support ticket regarding the crashing to ensure they’re aware and such if you haven’t already.