Power Station - On screen low cadence targets don't match ride report cadence targets

One of Power Stations stated goals is to hit high power while riding at low cadence, typically 60-65 rpm. During the ride, the on-screen cadence targets align with the overall goal of the ride, 60-65 rpm. The ride report however shows that the cadence targets were approximately 90 rpm during the higher power efforts. Interested to know if anyone else has seen this, and if it is something that needs to be fixed.

@Rick It has been a while since I did this workout so I don’t recall the specific intervals but my graph looks like yours.

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There’s no power trace on your graph? Top one is cadence and bottom one is speed, and the higher speed sections match to the lower cadence (as you’d expect)

Am I reading that right?

That light grey area in the background of the cadence trace is the target cadence, not the power trace. Your cadence definitely dropped during the efforts and came back up during the recoveries. All looks ok to me?


I just checked my history and I see exactly the same issue i.e. cadence targets 90 for all the low cadence intervals.

I had a look at GOAT too and it has exactly the same issue!

So it looks like a bug with the reporting graph.

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The issue is the cadence targets in the graph not matching the actual intended target cadence shown on-screen in the workout. That’s why Rick’s cadence appears to be under target in the graph, while he was actually following the on-screen cadence targets as intended.

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I’m seeing the target cadence and actual cadence matching quite well for the intervals though? I’ve marked the efforts in yellow below. You can see the target cadence (light grey area) also drops at that point and the actual cadence matches. Or am I looking at the wrong thing here?

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Graph is ok, sir @Rick. Just checked mine. High cadence are recovery bits and low cadence are high power intervals. It looks like you were not keeping high cadence during recovery periods.
Cadence graph carries no power info, just cadence (area for designated cadence and line for your actual one).
You need to scroll to power graph and compare both side to side, then you can see what power at what cadence.

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THIS :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

Edit: it’d be nice if they could combine ALL the graphs and allow you to toggle the ones you want to compare on/off. Then it would be more obvious that the cadence targets are low when the power is high and vice versa for this SUF vid.

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As you point out, I was not trying to hit the high cadence targets during the recovery portions, I was more focused on the low cadence at high power portions. A coach would probably point out that I should have done both, as it would have been an opportunity to flush out some of the junk that was accumulating in my legs during the low cadence efforts.

Like this?


@DameLisa Is that a feature in the app?

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Nope. Sorry, another app I use to track workouts. Was just wanting to clarify if this is what @Glen.Coutts was meaning

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It was, it is, it were, it will……….yes :slight_smile:

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