RGT Workload to Garmin Connect?

I email the workout completed from RGT. I save thé FIT file attached to the email to my PC, and the use the manual upload feature in Garmin Connect and import the FIT file. It takes 30 seconds of effort if you’re comfortable enough using a PC or tablet.

I do the same to upload to RideWithGPS.


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Sure, easily done. It shows up but it doesn’t contribute to Garmin’s Training Load metrics, VO2 Max, etc.

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That’s a Garmin issue….Those metrics are only registered via a Garmin device.

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Not entirely true. A very limited select few external entities can automatically upload and have training status - TrainerRoad and Zwift come to mind.


Doing a little experimenting with grafting Garmin Edge 520 Plus device info from an old .TCX export into an RGT .TCX export does trick it to show that it was recorded on the Edge but it still doesn’t contribute to the Garmin Training & Load Metrics and other Garmin-specific things, unfortunately.
Hopefully Wahoo can get together with Garmin and integrate this.

I’m going to jump on this too, as this is one of the bigger annoyances with the platform.

What I really think should happen is the 3rd party app synchronization should be common across SYSTM and RGT. Set it up in one place and all activities from either app are synched. it is a bit crazy that I do a RGT ride, can see it in RGT and my SYSTM history, my SYSTM is set to sync with Connect, but my RGT ride isn’t synched.

I was very disappointed to see the new release come out without any updates here.

So one more vote.

Voting this up as well, not a lot to add other than it seems like a no brainer to me. I’m failing to see that it would be difficult or is some sort of ‘competition’ issue between the 2 companies as synching to Garmin Connect works for Wahoo X workouts, but not for RGT rides…
Maybe Wahoo would like to explain the issue.

and SYSTM, hence why people are confused why not RGT too.

History is the answer: SUF had this feature, RGT did not. Both are now owned by Wahoo. From memory this briefly stopped working around the time SUF became SYSTM (coincidence/deliberate/accident?) though was reinstated following an outcry from angry users.

The next logical step is for Wahoo to sit down with Garmin and say “so what we do for SYSTM, we’d like to do the same for our other offering RGT, can we make this happen?”. Whether this is a Wahoo having not got round to it thing, or a Garmin not being willing thing, or indeed something else… who knows.

Garmin changed the way the training effect/load is calculated and it is now calculated directly in Garmin Connect. See GPLama video about this new feature.

I emailed myself the RGT ride and uploaded the fit file to Garmin Connect and … well, training effect was not calculated. BUT there is workaround.

Use FitFile Tools, launch Device Changer and change the device in fit file to eg. Garmin Edge 830:

Save updated fit file and upload this file to Garmin Connect. After that you will see Training effect for that RGT ride. Training load is also calculated.


Genius, thanks!

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