Seeking evening Routines after Completing a 6-Day MTB Transalp

I just returned from a challenging 6-day MTB transalp journey from Nauders (AU) to Como (IT), averaging a climb of 2000hm daily. As the days are now shorter and my work commitments intensify, my cycling opportunities are limited to weekends, covering 100+ km either on MTB or gravel roads in the Netherlands.

For the upcoming months, until around February, I am keen to find RGT/SYSTM routines or programs that I can incorporate 2 to 3 evenings a week. My primary goal is not just to maintain but preferably enhance my climbing strength. I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions, especially routines that focus on building and improving climbing power and include strength training.

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@Henk-Jan_Kloosterman For me the offseason MTB plans have been great. You can add yoga and strength and I add mobility as well. I have done them for the last 2 or 3 seasons and generally throw in a block of MAP or FTP as well.

I have been using SYSTM for a couple of years, but I seem to be getting the same video’s. How do you get variation?

@Henk-Jan_Kloosterman I use the filters within the cycling library to find other workouts that are similar including the NoVid category which sometimes I do on RGT, sometimes while watching a show or cycling event and sometimes just with music.

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