Should I test today?

Hi all, hoping for advice/encouragement. I plan to start the time trial plan on Monday aiming for an aquabike race on 12th June that I care about. To prepare I’d planned the HM/FF week for this finishing with FF today. I went off piste with the plan, I did HM last Thursday and went outside for an hour hilly ride which I took easy on Monday instead of Tapers. I missed Primers yesterday due to work. My HM numbers were down on my FF numbers from early January. But it was immediately after the end of a work day where I felt burnt out, and off the back of a rough time with work & life stress plus multiple colds. Today is also busy at work, and didn’t sleep wonderfully last night. The options I see are. 1. FF today and hope for the best. 2. Primers today and FF tomorrow, this means missing swimming 3. Other session today and accept last week’s HM numbers 4. Other session today and revert back to January numbers. I’m leaning towards 2 or 3. I really don’t think I did myself justice last week, but probably haven’t improved on January.

Other suggestions very welcome too. TIA

If it were me, I’d skip swimming and do FF then. But full disclosure: I hate swimming so I would almost always prefer FF to swimming.

Option 2 seems a good plan.

I’m a big fan of testing via the 7 day HM/FF test plan. I like option 2.

There is a fifth options. Rest today, primers tomorrow and FF on Sunday.
If your private live allows it…


Thank you all, and agree there could be an option 5, but I’d miss two swims with my buddies (sub optimal training pattern there). So I am definitely now leaning towards 2.

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And results are in. Option 2 definitely a good idea. Felt rubbish yesterday during primers, but totally up for FF this morning. And improvement on all metrics compared with January to the extent that I suspect I started a chunk too low on 5 minute effort when I aimed for my January result…

Thanks again from one happy bunny :smiley:


Glad you’re a :smile::rabbit2: !