Two workouts?

Hi all, happy new year to you.
I’m currently about half way through a four week training plan aimed at boosting my AC. This is the second systm plan I’ve done having lost a little faith in zwift training plans.
Quite often in my workouts I’ll get a ride plus a yoga workout. This will be due to me selecting yoga during designing the training plan originally. However, tomorrow, for an unknown reason I have two rides scheduled, both in my AC/NM block. Once is a 30 min ride called ‘cash register’ and the second is a 42 min ride called ‘G.O.A.T’.
Is it fairly normal for systm to schedule two rides? Secondly…if its not that uncommon…as they’re both AC/NM rides…why not just combine them into one longer ride?


Because these two rides target different areas of your riding.

While you may be following an AC/NM block, the plan will ensure that all areas of your 4DP receive stimulus to kept your strengths as strengths as well as targeting your weaknesses or desired area.

Hi @pete1336 and welcome.

As @titanicus says, they are designed to target different areas.

Cash Register is a higher cadence tempo workout with AC/NM sprints thrown into the mix and teaches you to recover from the sprints while still working at a decent level.

The focus of GOAT is low cadence climbing intervals around threshold level.


The point being that these two both target your NM but from different directions.

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