Help, please: 4DP Test Glitch/Wrong Settings?

Hello, friends.

I am a newb to Systm, but have been using Wahoo Kickr and other products for a few years on the road an in conjunction with Zwift.

I think this is the proper place since I am not sure it requires technical help as much as an understanding of what I might have done wrong or failed to set correctly.

I completed my first 4DP test today, using a Kickr (2020 year model), Kickr Climb, Wahoo cadence pod on my shoe and TickrX for HR. I also used my Element head unit to record the activity. Downloaded the workout in advance and ran it on my iPad, which I have been doing all week for the preparation workouts leading up to the test today.

I set the System device settings to Level (Level ) precisely) so I know I had that correct. I also used the power smoothing setting as my pedal stroke is horrifically uneven do to a lower back issue.

The test seemed to be going smoothly until it got to the 20 minute FTP section. At the outset, the power kept normalizing itself at 100+/- watts, regardless of my cadence and gear selection, as if it was in ERG mode. Then, at random intervals, the Kickr resistance would shoot up and the power output would spike, forcing me to change gears to keep up my cadence, until the false “ERG” function kicked back in and governed me to 100W.

This kept on through the whole 20 minutes, which seemed strange to me as I have done the FTP tests in Zwift multiple times on the same setup and it did not act like this. I kept going just in case and then the same thing happened with the 1 minute test. I just gave up when the 1-minute section governed me again around 100 W and I let the Kickr just spin down.

I had tried to fiddle with the Elemnt during the workout specifically since I had never used it in conjunction with the Kickr and I did not want it to jeopardize the test. I believe I inadvertently did exactly this somehow by putting the Elmnt in charge of the Kickr instead of the Systm workout without knowing it

Before I go through that torture again ( I am 50+ years old, 280 pounds and way out of shape), do any of you have any insights as to whether this was a Systm glitch or a function of trying to use the Elemnt simultaneously with the test?

Thank you and keep spinning!


As you suspected, it sounds to me like the Element was trying to take over.

It’s absolutely possible to do what you want, though. I use my Bolt during full frontal to record the 5 and 20min efforts as it gives an average power reading and this helps with my pacing (I wish Systm did this itself). I make sure the Bolt is in passive mode and move to a different screen before starting it, to make sure I don’t change the mode.

It’s worth a play in another workout (one of the Open sessions is perfect).


Thank you for the kind welcome and for the advice. I was thinking like you, that the Elemnt might give me some additional data, so I appreciate the suggestion to try it in a less critical situation. That test wore me out, man!!


Hey, that’s good! Just imagine, next time you’ll get the full effect of the 1 minute test too. It will be glorious.

Thanks for the encouragement, though “glorious” was not not the first “G-word” that came to my mind afterwards, LOL! I think I’ll also have a better grasp on gearing properly going into each section.


I did almost exactly this, just not during a 4DP test. I was trying to record it on my Bolt. Turned out I had changed it out of passive mode and the Bolt was controlling my power. Once I realized that and switched it back to passive mode it solved itself. But it took me way too long to realize what was going wrong.

Something that is often recommened before the FF test is to do exactly that, get in to Open 15 or similar and test out a variety of gearing combinations, level, cadence, etc. See what works for you and feels comfortable. I’ve done this a bit but if I’m honest, for me everything goes out the window once the efforts kick in. I have a rough idea of what gear and level I want, and then I flounder around that whilst trying to stay on it without blowing up.

Also note my choice of the word ‘comfortable’. This is entirely relative. You will not feel comfortable in Ful Frontal. At all. Ever.

There is at leat one article and a podcast or two by the coaches that address choice of gears and pacing strategies for FF (I don’t have the links to hand I’m afraid but I’m sure someone will). They are really worth some attention. Even if you know what you’re doing (and you sound like you know what you’re doing) and don’t learn anything new you’ll feel good that you know what you’re doing.

That’s exactly what I think happened to me. At least now, maybe between the two of us, some other people will be helped in advance and not have to chuck the results of a full workout as a result. Thanks for helping get to the bottom of my issue.


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Thank you again for the advice. I will look into your recommendations on the other resources, too.


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@wahoobulldawg You might find this podcast helpful as respects strategies for the test:

Breakfast With Boz: 4DP


very much appreciated, friend.