Efforts not in app

Hey everyone. I’ve got a cycling effort scheduled for today called “A dogs life 1”. When I try to bring it up I get a notification saying they are attempting to get the workout loaded in the library.

I’m looking for a substitute effort. It says all purpose with a time of 24 minutes.

I assume this is a light, keep the wheels rolling, effort since I have a 4dp measurement this weekend.


Yep, A Dogs Life 1 is no longer available, but it’s just a leg spinner, so do whatever you feel so long as it is light


Thanks, Jon.

Try Dogs Life 2 or 3. One of them should still ne in the library

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Both A Dogs Life 1 and 2 dropped end of January 2023. 3 wasn’t there in January ('cause I looked, don’t know if it was prior or not)

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Thanks everyone. I just did Wolfpack insider.

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Here’s the thread about some of the Inspiration workouts being removed: Last Chance to See: Some Inspiration Films

Lots of sadness to see Thursday Fields and Tour of Ara disappear.

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The Earth Cycle series are also good thirtyish minute easy spin videos.

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