In the parts of the videos where the riders are freewheeling and the freewheeling message comes up on the screen, are you just supposed to “coast” on the trainer?


Yes, that’s the idea. Make sure your auto-pause is off when you do it.

Also, make sure you ramp up afterwards to avoid the ERG spiral of death…


I’ve wondered this too!

This is really important. You need to start pedalling and get yourself to a moderate cadence a few seconds before the freewheeling period ends–or else it will be very hard to start again.

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When I had my old wheel-on Tacx the spin down was far too quick to ever be able to freewheel. Now that I’ve moved over to a direct drive trainer I freewheel when the videos say to and it’s wonderful!

Agreed, I normally soft pedal a bit during the freewheel to keep the flywheel moving.



Level. Mode.


I assumed that but after trying to do it, I don’t any more. I gave up part way through my first ProRide (done 5 to date). As people here have pointed out, if you don’t ramp back up quickly enough, it make getting back up to speed difficult. And it may be just me, but it didn’t feel at all natural. I am using a Kickr Bike.

I simply slow my cadence to a pace that allows me to recover and then it is quite easy to jump back in to the efforts.

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I’m on rollers, so don’t have the option of freewheeling for anything more than a couple of seconds. I just soft pedal at a low cadence as some others have said. The resistance drops to minimum thanks to the low power target in the workout, so I just need to pedal fast enough to stay upright.

Did my first Pro Ride today. Tour of Norway on Performance rollers w/ resistance fans & power meter pedals. This is the setup I’ve used for a few years for Sufferfest. Fun ride, lots of variety. As usual the rollers present a bit of a challenge when viewing footage with lots of rocking motion! I’ve only fallen off once i45 years riding rollers but watching footage taken on a bike with someone riding out of the saddle really messes with my balance!

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yup, i can only run my rollers on open rides and inspiration vids. tried on team scream once and nearly flew into the laundry machine.

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It’s the leaning into corners that gets me! I’ve come very close to riding off the side a few times.


That sounds familiar, haha!

Even in the Omnium I found myself leaning into the bends!!