Repeating Elements of Style

At the end of the Elements of Style the narrator states that this video should be done once a week for 5 consecutive weeks. How does this fit into a training plan?

I have done this workout twice. Once within my first plan, and a second time in my recovery week before my next plan. I will be doing it a third time in my next plan.

It would seem to me that reinforcing the lessons of the workout would dictate repeating the workout quite closely in time.


@Heretic I have seen that comment as well. I have not done it for the five weeks but do consciously use the checklist while riding the other videos.

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Thanks for pointing this out. This was one of our earlier videos before training plans got into full swing. We will have a look and review this but in the meantime if you want to ride Elements of Style more frequently, I recommend repeating it during your recovery week in place of an inspiration ride.


@Coach.Rupert.H Perfect - I will switch today from Dog’s Life #1 which I have already seen.


I notice the EoS was updated this evening (UK time). I already rode it before the update but I do hope there is no major change to the workout.