Training plan distance > 160km, 100mi


I am fairly new to SYSTM and was hoping to use the training plan option to train for a 250km very hilly ride but was surprise to discover the max you can opt for is 160km 100mi.

Is there a suggestion of how to modify for the above?


Hi and welcome to the forum!

I used the Mountainous Fondo plan to train for Liege Bastogne Liege and it worked really well.


If you look through the plans there is a 200 mile training plan in the Dirt/Gravel category. It will more than give you the same if not more fitness and it will provide you with additional MAP/AC training. I’ve used it to prepare for century rides as well as knighthood. Gives you lots of volume.


T hank you both :pray: @TrapMeSuf that’s what I am training for Liege Bastogne Liege @emacdoug didn’t think of looking at the gravel rides!

Wondering why there isn’t a freeform distance option ?


My experience is that distance becomes less relevant: when you can do 100km, you can do a full day on the bike. At that point you’ve learnt to pace yourself, you’ve learnt to hydrate and eat and it’s just a matter of keep going.

Training MAP (and in effect FTP) will be most useful for LBL. The Mountainous Fondo plan is great for that.

Happy to have a chat via DM if you need further info.

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